About SwiftlyThemes?

How Did SwiftlyThemes Start?

SwiftlyThemes was originaly going to be made as a weebly site but in the end the first version was created on appshed.

How Did SwiftlyThemes Get To Where It Is Today?

SwiftlyThemes got to where it is today from the dedication of two people - SwiftlyDesign(Callum Tiler-Ansell) and Hoxobi(Tristan Geistl).


First Version

This is the Original design for SwiftlyThemes

First ever design for SwiftlyThemes was not coded like it is today .It was made on appshed and all themes where hosted from Google Drive.
This Version of SwiftlyThemes is still operational but has not been updated for years.


Second Version

This is the 2nd design that was made on Mobirise

The 2nd design is the first time that SwiftlyDesign(Callum Tiler-Ansell) and Hoxobi(Tristan Geistl) partnered together to make SwiftlyThemes better for everyone.
This Version has got lost over time and is not avalable to use.


Todays Version

The Design That Most People Know

This is the design that most people know as it has been the same for over a year but many things have changed like SocialSplash was added, Also the backend (how it all runs) has changed massively thanks to Hoxobi(Tristan Geistl) .