About SwiftlyDesign?

How Did SwiftlyDesign Start?

At the very begining SwiftlyDesign was a graphics designer for the non jailbreak developers eg iOSEmus, Infiniapps8 and more.

How Did SwiftlyDesign Start Coding?

SwiftlyDesign Started coding on the Third Version of SwiftlyThemes who was taught by Hoxobi(Tristan Geistl).



One of the first non jailbreak required theme stores for iOS

SwiftlyThemes originaly started on Appshed,A fiew months later advanced to Mobirise. Then a year after that we got the design that we have today.
While the design of SwiftlyThemes has stayed the same for over a year now many thing in the backend have change. This makes it much better and faster for everyone to use



First ever custom themed iPA dristribution site

SwiftlyiPA was created to alow anyone with a computer and a iPhone to get custom icons on there apps simply and easily
The next thing added was a section for apps that where not avalable on the appstore to have all the ipas needed on one simple to use website .